Amazing Air Party by Cheer Amusement

Posted on 2019-01-04
We are very proud to announce the completion of our new adventure park- Air Party,  located in China! As one of the largest super sport and entertainment center in China, Air Party has proven to be a very popular attraction since its grand opening.

Air Party doesn't limit its fun to children and toddlers only, it can serve as a relaxing recreation for adults too! With its size of 7000 square meters, this grand wonderland features more than 28 popular sports entertainment events, including super trampoline parks, high-altitude projects, a balance beam, revolving climbing walls, a super dunk, climbing pillars, a space-time tunnel, a sky rider, a drop slide, and more!

Furthermore, all equipment are produced and installed by Cheer Amusement in strict accordance to the international standards, visitors will enjoy an adventure of pure fun and excitement out of gravity worry-fee!