Cheer Amusement’s Opening In Kunshan City

Posted on 2012-08-24

Cheer Amusement’s Kunshan store will open on April 24th. It’s more funny after Cheer Amusement’s upgrading!


Cheer Amusement theme park of children located at Kunshan, which is the only one of largest amusement equipments there. It has big softplay maze,cannon array,ocean ball pit , fun land and so on. Besides, it combines with some programs including amusement, fitness, IQ and education, which is very suitable for children’s intelligence development. Except for that, it can make children in Kunshan keep the same step with the world’s development in amusement field.


A wonderful parent-child interactive activity was held together by Kunshan Mother Net and XICI on April 23th and 24th, many cartoon characters including pleasant sheep, big big wolf,mashimaro and clown have a big get-together. And you can get more delicate gifts.


Sales promotion activity
  1. You can get 30RMB cash coupon if you buy.
  2. Concessions for opening.
Discount Price
Maze Playing Card(10)
Fun Land Playing Card(10)
    3.  The activity’s address: Cheer, second floor, Oushang supermarket, baimajing road, Kun Shan city.