Explore Endless Fun in Colorful Ball Pit

Posted on 2018-01-01
Look how happy these kids are indulging themselves in our colorful ball pit!
 The plastic balls we use in the ball pit are not only appealing in color, but are also very safe. They meet the European and North American safety standards, both of which are very strict regulations to ensure safety.  The diameter of our plastic balls is 8cm and each weighs 12g.  These balls have also passed the German TUV test, specifically EN71-1 (mechanical and physical properties), EN71-2 (anti-flaming),  EN71-3 (non-toxic), and American-standards CPSIA and NFPA 701 test for fire retardancy .  Young children who play with these plastic balls often bite them; we’ve taken that into consideration and made the plastic balls completely non-toxic and lead-free. We ran multiple tests to confirm that the balls are safe.
Parents can drop off their children to have fun in the playground and enjoy their time in the mall. It’s a win-win situation!