How To Choose A Good Children's Play Equipment

Posted on 2012-12-21

Parents to children according to their age, personality and developmental circumstances, select the appropriate recreational facilities. Note options are as follows:


First, suitable for the child's age.


Some outdoor playground equipment, such as shaking is so intense, or dizziness may be the child of electric recreational facilities, for the younger, especially the bolder relatively small children, playing before the need to seek the child's will, or they might have a negative impact .


Second, the whole enclosed playground.


For example the whole closed chute, there is a safety net trampoline and so on. Where children may bump the outside have a flexible packaging material protection. If it is electric facilities, but also the circuit's security umbrella, can not have exposed wires, etc. may cause electric shock.


Third, the quality of indoor playground equipment.


From the material point of view, although the colors are gorgeous glass fiber reinforced plastic, the surface is very bright, but likely to have the glass dust pollution on children's health adversely. The best choice for environmentally-friendly hard plastic material facilities. From the working point of view, good recreational facilities are generally hidden screws, or set up a place in the children's reach and will not cause harm to the child; and facilities for the whole cook fine, smooth surface and will not scratch, grinding hurt the child.