How To Do With The “Dangerous” Toys?

Posted on 2013-02-18

Slingshot, toy gun, yoyo, masks, balloon, toy car, plush toy... These toys with almost every child's growth, and these originally bring happiness in children's toys could become life threatening security "dangerous". Recently net friend have reproduced a "ten big dangerous toys" list, including: ejection toys, band rope toys, mask toys, balloon toys, small toys, toys, metal not smooth toys, children's toy car, music toys, plush toys.


The reason why they are “dangerous toys” : for example building blocks, those small toys children can swallow, metal toy is so sharp that it is easy to cut the child's skin, music toy has the button cell easy to dig out the baby swallowed, and plush toys padding is unqualified, all of those are very big hidden trouble and so on.


In fact, the current domestic toys that every shop sells are same, toys car, blocks, etc., and the list of dangerous toys are everywhere, remove list of toys, and the rest can let parents buy "safe" toy is really running out. In addition to the traditional children's toys, parents use mobile phones, computers and other 3C electronic products has become the children "bestow favor on newly". When the child is crying, their mobile phone can make the baby happy, at the same time, the children can also use computer watching cartoon, play games, etc., but contact with electronic products too early, can affect a child's visual development.


So, wishing that children's toys are no longer a "dangerous goods" such as cell phones and computers, 3 C electronic products from young children, parents must be sure that child playing is supervision. Parents should first choose suitable for children ages of toys, and at the same time, young children are playing in a side, parents should monitor, at any time pay attention to the child's every move. When foreign body got stuck throat, children will face down, on adult's lap, beat back from behind, or hold children press the children of the chest. In this remind you parents, must pay attention to beat or press of strength, not too much force, when danger occurs, try to go to a doctor as soon as possible.