Take a closer look our new product - Pin Screen

Posted on 2016-08-12

Take a closer look our new product - Pin Screen! It imprints everything that is pushed onto its surface. Toddlers can imprint their arms, hands, and even face by pushing themselves onto the screen!


It is extremely safe and does not need any electrical power to operate it. Toddlers can have fun and learn at the same time! It's a excellent play activity for indoor playground structure!


Cheer Amusement specializes in custom designing and manufacturing indoor playground equipment that are specifically tailored towards its clients’ needs. At Cheer Amusement, we always put safety as our #1 priority. We satisfy many major safety standards including ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America and EN1176-77 part 10, CE in UN. In addition, all of our materials and equipment are TUV certified as well.