The Benefits Of Flip Games To Baby

Posted on 2013-02-27

Feet jump, jump on one foot, and leap disorderly jump, just like as run, jumping is not only a movement that let two or three years old children feel the most piquant, but also a movement that can exercise their cardiopulmonary function, musculoskeletal and nervous system control the movement of the coordination function.


Balance ability training


Practice hop. Let the baby standing on one foot, balance, and will stand on one leg of a baby, put down, let him understand that this is hop. Of course, for a little bit small or sports ability is not strong, the baby may can't do, no matter, as long as he felt the interesting, willing to try it. Parents can read children's songs together with the child side edge learning: raise feet jump, jump, Feel tired, stop; Turn a circle, wipe sweat; Come again and I continue to jump!


In addition to the amusement park on the trampoline play this game outside, still can let the baby in the home of simons bed play. Let the child in his hand a favorite plush toys, he dances you side said: "jumping, jumping, baby (or the baby's name), jumping, jumping, rabbit rabbit (or other toys), jumping, jumping, bang!" Read to the end, let the baby down or static, but at the same time, his toy upcast, toys will end up in bed. It is as simple as that of small game, you can find the child will and his plush toys to play!! At the same time, in the spring mattress flip can greatly train children's sense of balance and legs muscles.


Coordination training


Flip for adults probably just simple action, but in their eyes, it seemed like sport or game. In addition to the above said, to training children outside the balance ability, it can also train the kid's coordination. Here are a couple to training children coordination of simple romp.


First, a rope on the ground, and children jump with the past, and Wallace back. Then put the rope two head system on an object, raised two centimeters, then took the children jump with the past, and then set back. Parents can also read smoothly make up some rhythmic password: skip rope, jump over it; Stridden rope, Wallace back; Run to the rope jump in the past, to the rope Wallace back!


Second, learn animals jump is the children's favorite: small frog's leapfrog, small rabbit bounces, the run jump. Your parents can and children to open a small animals will jump to see who learn like, jump far.


Third, hopscotch I'm afraid is that many parents young thing. Can count children, can on the ground of the square lattice include digital let him jump, can't count too most of the children, can put his familiar small toys square in the grid, instructions to he jumped. Jump on one foot, feet jump let the child's mind. Such games can not only training children flip dynamic coordination ability, but also can cultivate their numeracy, shape recognition ability (square lattice can be arbitrary to circle, triangle or other shape).