The development of children’s amusement equipment

Posted on 2014-07-18
Children's amusement equipment has become an important part of China's manufacturing industry, and has a pivotal position. But if you know that domestic amusement equipment is still far away behind some developed countries. In eighties and nineties, it’s rare to see amusement equipment in parks. At that time, a simple swing can let kids have all the fun, not to mention the naughty castle and electronic game machines.


With the deepening of reform and opening up, the national economy has developed rapidly, and has driven the development of many emerging industries, such as children amusement industry. In that time, there are not so many children's amusement equipment manufacturers, but CHEER AMUSEMENT existed in that time. With the development of children's amusement industry, our children's play facilities are constantly improving from design concept to manufacturing standards, more and more varieties, from the rotating classes to glide classes, from no power to have power, from fixed to mobile, from ground to air, from indoors to outdoors, from single type to comprehensive style, all keep changing.


After ten years of development, China has become a large country of producing and selling children’s amusement equipment and provided a variety of functional and interesting equipment for the children around the world every year. With the growing volume of production and sales, the manufacturing process is also more and more mature, and gradually move closer to developed countries. I believe that in the near future, our production process of children’s amusement equipment will be able to catch up with the developed countries, and then there will be more and more children can experience the fun of amusement equipment.