The Urgency to Build More Free Children Amusement Playgrounds

Posted on 2014-11-04
Our school and government repeatedly stress the significance of our vacation safety to parents and children, and introduce the knowledge of how to protect ourselves from some nature damage.


But there are still lot of drowning events every vacation, why?


Some parents think it is because lots of free public playgrounds including free indoor pool and skating center replaced by some costly private amusement places: costly training center, dancing center, boxing center. A large number of children have no place to go but the wild pond, and the accidents would inevitably happen without any safety precautions.


The phenomenon that almost all the drowning events all occurred at the unprotected free places need to be highly aware of nowadays. We can not always spend too much time on warning; instead we have to implement our actions to build more free public playgrounds in order to enlarge our children’s amusement playgrounds. And it is an important problem badly in need of solution, isn’t it?