Today’s Playgrounds

Posted on 2012-12-14

Today’s Playgrounds are not as simple as they use to be. In the good old days you could put a swing-set up and some type of spinning merry-go-round (that would launch a child to the moon), and just let the children play.


But today’s commercial playgrounds are highly engineered for fun yet with safety as priority #1. At, we take safety, fun & the imagination of a child and combine it with the best commercial playground systems the industry has to offer. What’s unique about, is that we offer Chinese solutions to your commercial playground equipment needs.


With everything from playground equipment, Indoor playground equipment, Outdoor playground equipment, to complete playground installation & inspection, we can handle all your playground needs.


We also have some  Ball Shooters, Indoor Soft Playground, Ocean Themed climbing wall, Space Themed Climbing Wall, Hexapod Themed Climbing Wall.