Trampoline park gets more popular in the worldwide

Posted on 2016-07-15

Trampoline park gets more popular in the worldwide

Trampoline park gets more popular in the worldwide,more and more kids,youth and adults come to jump for fun or for exercise purpose.By creating an unique Exercise and Cooperation oriented play area,the trampoline park exposes appropriate activities in a dynamic and safe surrounding.


It includes various contents like general jumping area,basketball court ,foam pit,climbing wall,dodge ball and area for the kids under 7 years old which offers a wide range of attractions.Trampoline park is also designed to be flexible so it can be adjusted to almost any space needed.


Cheer Amusement is well able to design ,manufacture and install high quality and full functional trampoline park that includes the foam pit ,climbing wall,dodge ball,basketball and so on which generates high play value.


Cheer is the first and only supplier in China who has both the TUV and ASTM certificates for trampoline parks.Not only do we meet the ASTM F2970-15 standard.Our playground equipments also meet F1487-11 (Performance Requirements for Playground Equipments),ASTM F381-14 (Labeling for Consumer Trampolines) and ASTM F1918-12(Performance Specification for Soft Contained Play Equipment).


The GS mark stands for “Geprufte Sicherheit”(Tested Safety) and is a voluntary certification mark for technical equipment.It indicates that the equipment.It indicates that the equipment meets German and Uuropean safety requirements,tested by a state approved independent body.Cheer is the first indoor playground manufacture to receive such certification and is authorized by the TUV to use the GS mark.