Cheer Amusement Underwater And Pirate Themed Toddler Playground Equipment Model : CH-RS110073

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Brand Name: Cheer Amusement
Product Name: Toddler Playground
Theme: Underwater And Pirate Themed
Item NO.: CH-RS110073
Dimensions: 16mL * 6mW * 3mH
Colors: Unlimited


Product description:


Materials: LLDPE、EPE、galvanized pipes、wood and PVC compound cloth
Capacity: 15 to 20 children
Improves children's energy and imagination
Can satisfy their mental needs of surpassing
Integrates sports amusements and fitness through solid scientific combination
Components: Soft Piano, Children’s Beach Pool, Soft Shapes, Colorized Round Ball Pool, Building block, Educational Toys, Cartoon rocking horse, Soft Mat, etc.
Suitable for 3 to 8 years old children
Available in various sizes, designs and colors
Usages: supermarkets, food chains, shopping centers, dining halls and indoor places
Customized sizes, colors and patterns are accepted
Dimensions: depending on customer's room

Cheer Amusement Underwater And Pirate Themed Toddler Playground Equipment


Product NameCheer Amusement Underwater And Pirate Themed Toddler Playground Equipment
Brand NameCheer Amusement 
Item NO.CH-RS110073
Belong toToddler Play
Capacity15 to 20 children
ComponentsSoft Piano, Children’s Beach Pool, Soft Shapes, Colorized Round Ball Pool, Building block, Educational Toys, Cartoon rocking horse, Soft Mat, etc.
MaterialsLLDPE、EPE、galvanized pipes、wood and PVC compound cloth
Age for3-8 years old
Use forShopping mall, Amusement parks, Theme park, Celebration field, etc
Payment termsT/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading
PackageThe most fully package
Leading time20-30 days after receiving the deposit
DeliveryShipping Air transport etc.
After-sale Service1 year limited warranty
TechniciansWe can send our technicians for installation and maintenance training.
RemarkDifferent space can be customized design

        This naughty castle is based on underwater and pirate theme, volume is not very big but longer. Because it is ocean theme, product is given priority to with sky blue. The toddler amusement area contains rich entertainment equipment - Soft Piano, Children’s Beach Pool, Soft Shapes, Colorized Round Ball Pool, Building block, Educational Toys, Cartoon rocking horse, Soft Mat, etc. can satisfy 3-8 years old children climbed, jump, run, throw activities requirements. And children can invite partners play together, increase the kid's interaction and communication skills for children to provide more fun. The floor is decorated with soft mat, loose, brushy soft mat is fetching long above sit and is not harm children when they are playing. In short , this is quite an interesting product, plentiful toys have a fascination for the children. This toddler playground is suitable for most of the play centers, amusement parks, shopping malls and so on, area is small size, the longest part of 16 meters, the width of 6 meters, the highest 3 meters. The toddler playground can accommodate 15-20 children to play. The playground is fit for the younger babies, plus beautiful external form, novel type, sturdy and durable. And well received by the customers love and praise. Every weekend we will prepare special theming activities. We promise kids will get a good environment to play and learn here.
        Like all “Cheer Amusement” products, our toddler play equipment is created for safety first. All materials used are fully meet the requirements of the relevant standards, combined into structures of a scale and size appropriate for younger users. The additional free-standing units and play panels help stimulate a toddler's growing brain with age-appropriate cognitive challenges. Good for a toddler's mind and body, our custom toddler playground spaces are an excellent addition to any daycare or other commercial playspace with younger users. We can design for any size area, providing fun and stimulation for children even in tight quarters.
        Indoor playground equipment series are used in the park, playground, communities, kindergartens, supermarket and so on. The player age is 3-15 years old. Indoor playground equipment is called naughty fort, and very popular in recent years. Meanwhile indoor playground equipment is the most popular in indoor playground entertainment products. Children can climb,crawl,slip,stomp jump and swing,including slide, ball pool,bouncy bed,drilling pipe, cartoon gun for children's entertainment.We use hot-dip galvanized pipe.The diameter is 48mm;the trickness is 2.0mm.We use PVC sponge pipe on the surface of support.According to different requirement, we can design different styles. Each product has its theme and is very interesting. Products are exported to more than 60 countries.If you need more products, welcome to contact us.


All playground equipment of the company can be adjusted in the shape and size, if you want, please contract it with the salesman; The company payment method: T/T 50% deposit and 50% balance before loading; We will delivery after receiving the deposit within 30 days, and you can choose sea, air and so on many kinds of transport mode; All playground equipment have been fully packaging, delivery guarantee product safety; For the company's products,  we can send technicians who will train the installation methods and maintenance of the product. Our company products provide 1 year limited warranty and  after-sales service; Please remark: playground equipment need to protect from fire and cutting, as far as possible avoid touching flammable or sharp objects!


Company introduction:
        Cheer Amusement is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and No.1 manufacturer in China who specialize in designing, manufacturing and assembling the quality and affordable indoor playground equipment designed for commercial applications. We meet the Safety Standard EN1176-77 part 10, CE in EU and ASTM, CPSIA, UL94, NFPA701 in North America. We have built thousands of nice projects all over the world and enjoyed great reputation in this industry! Attached is the project which we did in Ujjain, India.

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