What should be paid attention to in the construction of customized indoor playground suppliers


  The indoor children's playground is an indoor playground. Since most of the indoor playgrounds are concentrated in the range of 100-400 square meters, and each building has its own characteristics, we design it in a custom indoor playground supplier. And what matters should be paid attention to during construction?

Indoor playground Supplier

  Customized indoor playground supplier First of all, the thickness of the wall and wall column soft package. Because the wall pillars and walls in most venues are unavoidable and even a lot of bad anti-collision work will often cause a lot of bumps, thus increasing the operational risk and the risk of injury to children.

  Secondly, custom indoor playground suppliers, installation of decorative paintings, cartoon windows, cartoon doors and other equipment. Any frame park projects such as naughty castles and trampolines cannot avoid the use of square steel and round pipes, nor can they avoid the use of cartoon pictures, cartoon doors and other equipment. It doesn't seem to have any effect, but after a long time, the whole device falls down to form a gap.

  Finally, the details of the installation and processing of the floor mats when customizing the indoor playground supplier; the traditional mode of paving the entire site with a 2 cm thick floor mat, the project is basically over, and the custom indoor playground supplier suggests that the floor mat combined with the floor glue can also be used. The model, combined with the beauty of the colored floor glue and the anti-collision of the floor mat, greatly increases the beauty of the park and is highly respected.

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