Indoor playground suppliers recommend daily inspection of amusement equipment


  There are a lot of amusement equipment in life. The amusement equipment needs to be checked every day, so how should it be checked? What should be paid attention to when checking? The indoor playground supplier will take you to understand.

Indoor playground Supplier

  The foundation, the body and the passenger part are the main parts of the amusement equipment that bear the load. From the analysis of ensuring the safety of passengers, the indoor playground supplier believes that it is necessary to ensure that the passengers cannot leave the passenger part, the passenger part cannot be separated from the body, and the parts of the body cannot be separated from each other. , The body and the foundation, the foundation and the earth cannot be separated. To ensure the safety of the main body of the children's amusement equipment, the following items must be checked regularly.

  Indoor playground suppliers remind to ensure that visitors cannot leave the passenger section:

  (1) The handle, seat belt or safety pressure bar of the passenger part is fixed and locked reliably, and there is no breakage and damage; (2) The locking device of the cockpit door or the barrier at the entrance and exit is flexible, reliable, and no damage. ; (3) The indoor playground supplier recommends to check that the cockpit frame and the cabin are free of cracks, corrosion and other damages;

  The indoor playground supplier reminds to ensure that the parts of the body cannot be separated: the anti-loosening measures should be reliable when the parts of the body are connected by bolts, and the measures to prevent falling off when the parts are connected by pins should be reliable; there are no cracks, open welding, etc. Phenomenon; there is no obvious deformation in the stress concentration part.

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