Choice of indoor playground structure facility


In the operation of indoor playground, the most important step is to choose the location of indoor playground, and there are many choices for the location of children's indoor playground, which can be suitable for: comprehensive shopping mall, rental mall, supermarket shopping mall, pedestrian street , prosperous street frontage storefronts, etc. So which of these places are more profitable?

In the investment and operation of indoor playgrounds, the preferred locations are supermarkets and large shopping malls. Because the flow of people is relatively large, many parents will take their children to the supermarket. If the children's indoor playground is operated near the shopping mall, it is undoubtedly a very good s Choice. Specifically, what will be the convenience of installing our indoor playground structure facility in a shopping mall?

If the location of the shopping mall is a high-end residential area or a crowded place, then the investment risk of the indoor playground structure facility will be relatively low. The indoor playground structure facility has many restrictions and high costs. Generally speaking, if the turnover of the shopping mall on Sundays and holidays reaches more than 500,000 yuan, then the building block park in the corresponding place must have a daily income of 10,000-30,000 yuan. between. Excluding holidays, assuming that the turnover of the mall is around 100,000, then the income of the indoor playground structure facility can maintain a balance of payments for one day, and the primary surplus point is the holiday time. Holidays can get 80% of the total income, which is why children's play equipment has an advantage in supermarkets. This also highlights from the side that in the investment and operation of the indoor playground structure facility, a good location plays a decisive role in the profit and loss of the building block park. If the location of the supermarket is not good, such as the crowds do not gather, and the shopping mall benefits are not good, it is not impossible to attract customers with the children's play equipment in the children's indoor park. However, if the flow of people in the shopping mall is not high, the corresponding indoor building block park income will also be reduced a lot, and if the rent and water and electricity bills are too high, the daily income may not be able to keep the expenses at all. Even if earnings can rise during the holidays, it won't help.

Therefore, the address of the indoor playground structure facility is very important, and detailed market research should be done. It does not mean that the children's indoor park will be profitable if the location of the children's indoor park is good. If the operation method is wrong, even at the entrance of the traffic. If the way of operation is wrong, there will be considerable losses. If the operation is more humane, there will definitely be big gains.


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