How can children indoor playground manufacturers seize the opportunity now


The crisis brought about by some companies has not yet recovered and fell before dawn, but there are also a number of companies that have been able to develop rapidly and make a smooth transition after passing through the fog. In the current pneumonia epidemic, how can offline enterprises achieve continuous marketing and customer expansion under the predicament of store closures, interruption of operating income, and continuous consumption of rent and manpower, and online management methods to operate, can they withstand this pessimistic situation?


Although the situation has brought us a lot of difficulties, we must believe that the difficulties are temporary, and children indoor playground manufacturers should do what we should do.


1.Children indoor playground manufacturers want to produce a wide variety of equipment, and the rich product variety gives the operators and consumers of children's playgrounds and scenic parks more choices, so as to achieve our goal.


2. Improve the combination performance of children indoor playground equipment. As a basic amusement equipment, the slide is flexible and convenient to combine. It is often combined with other children's amusement equipment, such as ball pool slides, water slides, etc., which often have unexpected effects.


3.Children indoor playground manufacturers increase their product R&D efforts. From now on, they should start to cultivate their own R&D teams and develop more innovative products, which will one day make their companies among the leading companies.


4. Improve the detail processing technology and overcome technical problems. Although there are more and more children indoor playground manufacturers and the scale of the industry is getting bigger and bigger, the current production process is rough, labor-intensive and low degree of automation are still common problems.


But it must not be done. In recent years, equipment quality problems have become common. In order to reduce costs, some unqualified children indoor playground manufacturers use unqualified raw materials, resulting in the release of toxic gases, the spontaneous combustion of equipment in the outdoor environment, and the related components. The phenomenon of breakage due to moisture, resulting in customer injury, if there is sufficient workmanship and sufficient materials, there will generally not be equipment problems during the service period, and the spirit of craftsmanship and industrial conscience must be emphasized.


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