How does FEC (Family Entertainment Center) truly achieve family participation and entertaining


FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is mainly aimed at children's families and provides full-family entertainment services and supporting content. The purpose is to create a natural atmosphere for modern families, which integrates children's play interaction, knowledge acquisition, and family information sharing. platform. Here, not only children can play freely, but parents can also participate in it to realize mutual education and interaction. So, how to create a real FEC (Family Entertainment Center)?


1. Reasonable site selection to ensure effective passenger flow


The choice of geographic location directly affects the success or failure of the FEC (Family Entertainment Center) project. A good FEC (Family Entertainment Center) location should radiate to the middle and high-end family groups of young people with spending power and high literacy that are 3-5 kilometers around. Therefore, Crazy Funny City takes the central area of ​​the first, second and third tier cities, and the surrounding areas with high-end residential areas and commercial areas as the site selection criteria. It takes mid-to-high-end community families and mid-to-high-end family tourists as the main target group, while taking into account the area. Various mid-to-high-end groups adopt the "themed mall group + semi-indoor block" characteristic cultural tourism business to create a multi-generation FEC (Family Entertainment Center) with functions of life, production, leisure, and tourism.


2. Build a product story line


FEC (Family Entertainment Center) revolves around the characteristics of "shared by the whole family, strong intellect, and entertaining". It creates parent-child amusement projects from nature, science, sports, etc., so that the whole family can enjoy a good time together.


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