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How does Indoor Playground supplier communicate and cooperate and what are the steps

How does Indoor Playground supplier communicate and cooperate and what are the steps

How does Indoor Playground supplier communicate and cooperate and what are the steps

With the gradual development of the children's market, there are more and more Indoor Playground suppliers, but under the premise of many manufacturers, they still haven't brought convenience to purchasers. On the contrary, investors do not have a good grasp of the needs of the industry, and they have no idea about choosing Indoor Playground supplier, nor do they know how to communicate with manufacturers. So, let's take a look at how Indoor Playground supplier communicates and cooperates, and what steps are there!

Indoor Playground supplier

Find a supplier
The qualification requirements and strength of Indoor Playground supplier need to be inspected on the spot, whether it has the corresponding technical conditions, whether the amusement equipment needs to be outsourced to complete the construction of the venue, these all need to go to the factory to check and investigate in person, and the construction and installation of the amusement equipment In the process, the acceptance must be staged, because it is related to the safety of every tourist.

Draw up a contract
In order to avoid liability disputes between Indoor Playground supplier and customers, it is necessary to draw up corresponding legal contracts. The contract is to strengthen the rigor of the production design of amusement equipment. It is necessary to refer to the current clauses and be extra rigorous with regard to the quality of the products. The delivery time, the proportion of the payment amount, and the materials used need to be marked in the contract and given to the corresponding responsible unit.

Verification phase
After the amusement equipment is manufactured, it is necessary to check whether it meets the regulations. It needs to be verified by the manufacturer and the Quality Supervision Bureau, etc., and it can be carried out according to the requirements of different regions.

Payment matters
Regarding how to pay is a rule set by each Indoor Playground supplier, but the payment amount exceeding one million scale needs to be paid in installments. For example, after the completion of the first stage, a 20% advance payment is required, and the rest is paid according to the stage of completion.

Manufacturer after sale
When choosing a manufacturer, you must consider after-sales issues. The manufacturer needs to be clear about the after-sales time and requirements of the equipment.

How does Indoor Playground supplier communicate and what are the steps? The above are some questions about how investors communicate with Indoor Playground supplier for everyone. If these key issues can be understood, there will be few disputes over interests in the future. This is also of great help to the construction of playgrounds.


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