How does trampoline park achieve differentiated competition


With the blooming of indoor trampoline park equipment in major cities in recent years, the market competition of trampoline parks has gradually become fierce. If the homogenization problem faced by trampoline parks is not completely solved, its development space will be gradually squeezed and difficult to display. . So how can investors of indoor trampoline park equipment make adjustments to break through the development bottleneck of the trampoline industry?

Crowd targeting for indoor trampoline park equipment

    Players of different ages have different functional requirements for indoor trampoline park equipment. In order to better meet the diversified needs of consumers, it is necessary for trampoline parks to comprehensively analyze the play needs of people of all ages. The positioning types of trampoline venues can be roughly divided into three categories: children, adolescent adults and comprehensive. Different types of venue positioning will have different emphasis on the selection of trampoline equipment, the design of functions, and the focus of publicity and operation. Therefore, to do a good job of differentiated operation, we must first clarify the audience positioning of the venue for the audience.

safety and hygiene of indoor trampoline park equipment

Safety and hygiene are the most basic guarantees for all playgrounds, especially for children's venues. Parents' attention to safety and hygiene is a must for venues. In addition to choosing safe and reliable trampoline equipment to solve safety problems, it is more important to establish a scientific and reasonable safety management system to improve staff safety awareness. As long as you pay attention to these details, the safety of trampoline venues is not a problem.


Functional design of indoor trampoline park equipment


Functional design refers to the various amusement items inside the indoor trampoline park equipment, and it is also one of the most effective ways to make differentiated adjustments. Once the positioning of the venue's consumer groups has been established, the functional design of the venue needs to be comprehensively laid out and planned according to the positioning type. For example, children's venues need to pay more attention to the color matching in the decoration style; youth venues need to pay more attention to shaking Items that are popular in sound, and functional items that are more sporty, novel and exciting in terms of functional equipment selection. The design and planning of functional projects can refer to the opinions of professional indoor trampoline park equipment manufacturers.


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