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How to build a FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

How to build a FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

How to build a FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

Nowadays, more and more children's parks are developing in the direction of diversification and multi-clustering. However, the children's parks that parents often see now are: children experience fun amusement equipment in the park, but parents can only Waiting outside, the lack of parent-child entertainment interaction between family members has become an important bottleneck hindering the future development of the children's playground.

customized FEC( Family Entertainment Center)

Therefore, the main purpose of our Cheer Amusement in moving from a vibrant space to FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is to abandon the traditional children's playground blindly stacked high-tech equipment and beautiful venue decoration environment, and upgrade the children's playground into a family. FEC (Family Entertainment Center), a brand-new space for family-style interactive entertainment consumption experience, allows children to have their own social circle, and allows parents to have a communication platform for family education experience.

Having said so much about the concept of FEC (Family Entertainment Center), it is necessary to understand what kind of FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is needed in this industry environment before actually doing FEC (Family Entertainment Center), and to understand the family before investing in FEC (Family Entertainment Center) What is the core logic of the entertainment center?

The core logic of FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

1. Increase the amusement items and consumption scenes in the traditional children's playground to extend the playing consumption time of members.
2. Diversified entertainment consumption scenarios realize the utilization rate of the venue, guide and divert the consumption mode of members.
3. Enrich the consumption links of the children's industry and enhance the consumption experience of the park.
4. Diversified consumption patterns and consumption items meet the consumption needs of FEC (Family Entertainment Center) and increase the overall revenue of the park.
5. Enhance the customer retention of the park and the spread of the brand image of the children's park.
6. An important model for realizing low-end transition to FEC (Family Entertainment Center).


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