How to choose a venue to open an indoor playground for kids


For those who want to invest in indoor playground for kids, in addition to understanding all aspects of the preparatory work in the early stage, the most important thing is to choose a venue. A good venue is the key to the success of investing in indoor playgrounds. Many novices open indoor playgrounds and lack experience in venue selection, which may lead to many difficulties in later operations. So, when opening an indoor playground for kids, how should you choose the venue where the playground is located?

Indoor playgrounds for kids are mainly divided into two types, namely: children's playgrounds and trampoline parks (indoor sports parks), which are two types of indoor playgrounds. Therefore, when choosing a venue, you must first decide the direction you want to do, that is, the customer group you want to be a paradise for. Indoor playground for kids, as the name suggests, is mainly aimed at children, but there is also a type of parent-child playground, where parents bring their children to play together; while trampoline parks are mainly indoor playgrounds for adults or teenagers. Of course, you can also play indoor playgrounds for kids. Parents bring their children to play together, but generally the children are older, unlike the children's playground, where children can play at the age of three, such as sand pools, and very young children can play, and they like to play such projects.

After we determine the customer group and the type of project we want to do, we can find a suitable venue. Indoor playground for kids, the size of 200 to 500 square meters is the most suitable, and trampoline park, because the projects played in the hall are relatively comprehensive, it is a combination of sports and entertainment, and the general venue is thousands of square meters, even thousands of square meters. We have many customers who do indoor trampoline parks, and the venues are all 3,000 or 5,000 square meters. For those venues that are relatively large but not large enough, they are more likely to be parent-child paradise. Of course, these are just some references. How to do it in the end still needs to communicate with the designer in detail, and then design a better and more suitable solution according to the market environment.

In addition to choosing the size of the venue, we also need to choose the geographic location of the park venue. A venue with a good geographical location can bring more customers to play in its indoor park. On the contrary, a venue with a bad geographical location needs to do more advertising and drainage in the later stage, and it may not have enough customers to come. Play. For example, there are some children-related industries around a venue. Such an environment can bring in many customers and let many customers know that there is a children's playground or trampoline park here. It doesn't take much advertising, and others will know it. . Some places near subway entrances, commercial streets, and convenient transportation are also convenient for customers to come and play, and there is no need to advertise for their own parks.

In addition to the size and location of the venue, it is also very important to choose the floor height of the venue. Generally speaking, if you want to open an indoor playground for kids, the normal floor height is enough, but if you want to open an indoor trampoline park, the floor height must be at least 5 meters. Above, of course, the higher the selected site, the better, the higher the site, the larger the design space. Many projects may be limited by floor height. If the park floor is high enough, it will not be affected. In addition, the floors where the park venue is located are generally from the first floor to the third floor. If it is on the negative first floor or above the fourth floor, it may be impossible to pass the fire. This is what we should pay attention to when choosing a venue.


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