How to create kids indoor playground with the help of anime IP


The development of the entertainment industry in today's era is increasingly showing a trend of branding. Good animation IP plays a very important role in the operation of kids indoor playground equipment. Combining classic animation IP and children's theme park creates animation IP + children's theme park. The new model is an effective means of attracting tourists to increase passenger flow and form an online celebrity effect.

The huge appeal of anime IP

    As we all know, good animation products have a profound influence on the audience. It is an industry that can extend to the fields of toys, clothing, children's playgrounds, and radiate hundreds of billions of markets. This is also the value of animation IP. As a popular children's indoor playground in the children's amusement industry in recent years, it has also turned its attention to animation IP, embedding well-known animation images into the park, making animation works more vivid, extensible, and derivative, using vivid and realistic techniques. , restore the animation scene to bring visitors a refreshing experience.

"IP + Business" New Model

    At present, there are already a number of kids indoor playground projects in China that have continuously enriched the theme and space of the park through the introduction of animation IP, forming a new model of animation "IP + business" in the children's playground industry chain and received good results, attracting a large number of People of different age groups come to visit. This model of focusing on animation IP to create a theme park image has gradually become an emerging trend in recent years and has been adopted by the majority of park operators.

The advantages of animation IP + business


 "Animation IP + business" has many development advantages. From the perspective of IP alone, IP itself has a strong customer adhesion. For example, Disney takes the animation brand as its core competitiveness and gradually builds an entertainment media giant through the derivative expansion of the industrial chain. Its operating business includes five aspects: film production, media network, theme park, consumer products and interactive media. The combination of the two is a successful model verified by overseas giants.


Meeting emotional needs is key


The animation "IP + business" model is implanted in the kids indoor playground, which plays a key role in the development of the children's playground. The animation IP is an important partner for children in the growth process. The value of the theme in theme parks also lies in meeting the emotional needs of customers. Bringing happiness to tourists through a dream-themed environment is the soul of animation IP.


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