How to plan the china indoor themed playground equipment area


The china indoor themed playground equipment is a popular item in children's playgrounds. It can be equipped with a variety of playground equipment, and the planning is reasonable. Great for kids of different ages to play. In addition to improving children's physical fitness, they can also exercise children's psychological and communication skills. What are the divisions of china indoor themed playground equipment?


1.china indoor themed playground equipment play area


In the planning of china indoor themed playground equipment, the naughty castle play area occupies a relatively large area. It is surrounded by a safety net and main frame. There are also various projects that can exercise children's physical strength, coordination and intelligence, such as drilling, single-plank bridges, slides, trampolines, etc. It is conducive to children to give full play to their vitality and imagination, and to exercise aerobic endurance for the body while having fun; it is conducive to meeting children's psychological requirements, such as being competitive, unwilling to lag behind, and having the courage to explore, making children healthier, happier and smarter growing up.


2. Parent-child paradise area


This area is mainly a comprehensive intellectual development area. There are sand pools, beach toys, puzzles, building blocks and other indoor themed playground equipment in the area. Children can enjoy these things to their fullest and interact with their parents to promote child-parent interaction. Parent-child communication.


3. Child Development Area


Children's development training is designed for children's characteristics. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, a new generation of children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, intellectual development and fitness is formed. Meet the various needs of children drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, rocking, swinging, jumping, and rocking.


4. Trampoline play area


Trampoline can exercise people's whole body movement ability and sense of balance, trampoline can promote bone development, enhance children's movement ability and balance and coordination ability, promote whole body blood circulation, improve immunity, exercise leg muscles, cerebellar balance system and cerebral nervous system development .


5. Leisure viewing area


The area of ​​this area can account for 20% of the total area of ​​the children's playground! Not only can parents see their children playing in it, but there are also tables, stools, WIFI and other areas in the leisure area, so that parents can play with mobile phones or communicate with other parents. Exchange parenting knowledge, etc., so that parents feel that the time to come to the children's paradise passes quickly.


The regional planning of each china indoor themed playground equipment is different. When planning the children's playground area, it is recommended to inspect the children's playground more and investigate what the children's needs are.


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