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How to plan the layout of trampoline park equipment in China

How to plan the layout of trampoline park equipment in China

How to plan the layout of trampoline park equipment in China

  How should the Chinese trampoline park equipment be planned and laid out? Most indoor trampoline park equipment is more concerned with the location and area of ​​the park site. The larger the size of the site, the easier it will cover more entertainment items and attract more customers. However, the more prosperous the trampoline park equipment site in China, the more expensive the rent will be. , For most investors, it is a good thing that trampoline parks have large venues.

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  China trampoline park equipment For such small indoor children's playgrounds or trampoline playgrounds, the advantages of floor height can be fully considered in the early planning and design, and the functional projects of amusement equipment with two- or three-story structures can be designed. Such planning and design layout can Maximize the utilization of the site in a limited space.

  Reasonable layout of Chinese trampoline park equipment functions, indoor trampoline park equipment must have its own clear crowd positioning, the target audience of the playground is children or teenagers, trampoline park equipment filters some areas according to the positioning of idle people, small and highly interactive amusement equipment, However, when choosing a small device, the physical and mental characteristics of the player must be considered.

  In addition, when designing and planning the layout of the park, China's trampoline park equipment should consider the later upgrade space of amusement products, avoid the later upgrade of the park's equipment, and leave enough scientific and reasonable pedestrians to effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents and ensure the safety of children. In a comfortable environment Have fun.


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