How to promote indoor trampoline park well


Now the indoor trampoline park has become a very popular entertainment project, attracting many tourists every weekend and holiday. For operators, if they want to operate an indoor trampoline park to achieve greater profits, they must understand reasonable publicity. Trampoline theme parks are not only suitable for children to play, but also suitable for adults to participate in the experience. If you want to increase popularity, you need to do the following points.


Do a good job in the management of the indoor trampoline park itself


After the trampoline hall recruits suitable park staff, they need to carry out professional training to strengthen the training of staff responsibility. It is recommended to recruit teachers with preschool education experience as trampoline coaches, which will help guide children correctly in the hall. Play, and you can engage in a series of activities in the park to increase the playability and popularity of the park. The staff must dress uniformly during the business hours to show the professional management standards of the park.


Do a good job of publicity planning before opening


First of all, you must pay special attention to climate change before selecting the opening event day. Rainy days are obviously not suitable for opening and need to be paid attention to. Moreover, the best day for the event to be held on weekends or holidays is to facilitate parents and children to have time to come and participate. Secondly, the publicity of the event should be exposed as much as possible to let more people know, how to arrange the distribution of event personnel and purchase the gifts and materials needed for the event to be dressed up, etc. It must be planned in advance.


Focus on online promotion


Operators can mobilize relatives and friends around them to publicize through WeChat forwarding, likes, etc., and let them forward the edited content about indoor trampoline park equipment in their respective circles of friends. The information of the publicity content must be clearly marked with the time, place, title, relevant information of the venue, the content of the opening event, the method of participating in the lottery, and the information on the distribution of gifts, etc., so that more people can understand the content of the event and be interested in participating.


Do a good job of offline publicity


Although the way of distributing flyers is a bit old-fashioned, the effect is still very good. The content editor of the flyer should have an accurate positioning of his indoor trampoline park equipment, aiming to highlight the characteristics of his own park. Large supermarkets, schools, parks, shopping centers, and relatively densely populated places near residential areas are good places to distribute promotional flyers. The leaflet should not only contain information about store openings, but can print exquisite content that can attract customers, such as coupons and services such as gifts with the leaflet.


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