Investing in the three types of commercial trampoline park equipment in trampoline park is the mainstream


Who cares about what projects are in the trampoline park, one is the majority of tourists, and the other is investment operators. Although the two groups have different perspectives, they ultimately focus on the same points. What are the commercial trampoline park equipment in the trampoline park, what are the fun commercial trampoline park equipment, and what are the new and cutting-edge commercial trampoline park equipment? Regarding the most direct and core point of trampoline park, in fact, regarding commercial trampoline park equipment, although there are many varieties, the classification is clear, and the mainstream facilities are easy to distinguish.


1. Leisure


In the commercial trampoline park equipment, some of the iconic equipment belongs to the leisure type. For example, the most common drop slides, swings, sand pools, etc. are the favorites of young children. This type of commercial trampoline park equipment is mostly used for fun. Children relax and play, most of which are small and medium-sized devices. From a macro point of view, it is to provide children with an external leisure and entertainment environment, enriching the quality of life and the outdoor cognitive experience.


2. Interactive


The most significant feature of interactive commercial trampoline park equipment, especially for unpowered equipment, is that multiple people participate in the game experience at the same time, such as traditional seesaws, new trampolines, circular bicycles, star flywheels, etc. These games require two The whole experience process will not be too stimulating if children of people and above participate together, and the age range of children suitable for play is relatively wide, and children aged 3-14 can experience worry-free. For such unplugged amusement activities, children have a natural sense of intimacy, and the whole process of play is usually accompanied by laughter.


3. Expansion


The expanded commercial trampoline park equipment is adjusted and empowered for the direction of children's outdoor amusement. In the process of playing, it produces positive exercise effects through changes in difficulty and experience forms, generally about physical fitness, thinking, etc. On the one hand, we usually see climbing net facilities, 360 degree Volcano Slides, jungle tree houses, zip line trails, and various sports facilities. There is a certain stimulus to such equipment, so it is generally recommended that parents collaborate Participation not only allows children to have a safer experience, but also fosters a parent-child atmosphere.


To sum up, in fact, the general small and medium-sized trampoline park is composed of these aspects of commercial trampoline park equipment. As for the popularity of the park, other aspects are often needed as assistance, such as bright themes and perfect service packages, the most important It is how these specific commercial trampoline park equipment will be presented to tourists and attract them in an external image.

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