Principle of inflatable zipline


The principle of the inflatable zipline is to use the self-weight power traction technology, the steel profile arranged at a certain inclination angle is the rotating track, the tourists' own weight is used as the power, and the height difference of the inflatable zipline device is used to quickly slide on the track. The entire inflatable zipline facility has no other power low-altitude zipline, which is low-carbon, environmentally friendly, stimulating and safe.


Inflatable zipline is mainly engaged in PVC mesh fabric products such as inflatable slides, inflatable pools and bracket pools. Such materials are not afraid of water or sun, but are afraid of sharp objects. Therefore, when looking for a site, or when handling the site, you must try to level the ground as much as possible, and sweep away sharp objects such as stones on the site. This is conducive to the maintenance of the product from being scratched, and on the other hand, it is also possible. Ensure the peace of mind of tourists during operation.


The force of the inflatable zipline is mainly based on the support and the pool wall. The site has a slope. After the inflatable zipline is installed, water will flow to a low place. The water level will be high at one end and low at the other end, and the pressure on the steel frame of the pool and the pool at the low end Too big, there are hidden dangers. Secondly, tourists are easily injured. This kind of material will be very smooth after encountering water, even if it is on a flat ground, it is not easy for tourists to stand firm when playing in the pool. In the inclined inflatable zipline, visitors cannot stand normally, which tends to accelerate fatigue and cause unexpected situations. Furthermore, when tourists play in the pool, some water waves will inevitably be caused. In an inclined pool, water waves are likely to form towards the side with a low water level, which may overwhelm the support.


Inflatable zipline is better with a hardened ground, but without hardened ground, it is not necessary to operate inflatable zipline. Just do some surface treatment on this kind of ground to make it meet or adapt to the installation requirements of inflatable zipline equipment.


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