The influence of commercial trampoline park equipment size on trampoline park


You can always find your own happiness in the city. For children, the happiest project today is the trampoline park. As adults, the pressure is high and requires excretion. The trampoline park just happens to bring a happier environment for adults. , Can not only exercise the body but also improve the psychological pressure. An amusement project like this has also attracted many investors. Generally, the size of commercial trampoline park equipment is the best thing to consider. Let’s take a look at what the professionals think.


First, exclusive venue conditions for commercial trampoline park equipment

As an investor, buying equipment must depend on the size of the venue. If you want to create a children’s exclusive venue, you must think of the size of the trampoline park. The area is too large. It may be a waste of investment. After all, it is an exclusive venue for children. The equipment can be diversified, that is, rectangular or round, it is best to look more attractive, so the requirement for floor space is not too big.


Second, the influence of indoor conditions on commercial trampoline park equipment


The most important thing to invest in a trampoline park is to look at the size of the indoor area. Order commercial trampoline park equipment according to the size of the area, so that space will not be wasted. The choice of equipment must be matched with more equipment and types. Form a unique amusement project.


Third, the size depends on the strength


The project investment can be large or small, depending on your own strength. If you have the strength, you can invest a little bit more, so that more consumers can be accommodated, and it can have a good impact, allowing more people to come here to play.


Fourth, what do consumers think


For ordinary consumers, commercial trampoline park equipment is generally more fun in a large area. On the basis of trampoline playing, it can be understood that trampoline sports must have a certain span and support, and the main comfort and support during playing , So the area is too small in the process of jumping is not conducive to enjoyable play, so as an ordinary person, an area of ​​about 1000 square meters is more suitable.


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