The meaning of indoor playground equipment to families


The design of Indoor playground equipment gives more meaning to the park itself. Through a reasonable combination of Indoor playground equipment items, the parent-child space adds a comfortable play experience for the body, mind, and soul.


The child’s growth is only once, and the short interactions every day will not only help the child’s development, but parents can also observe the child’s growth process. Modern people are busy at work, and the frequency and time of interaction between parents and children are also reduced. "There must be at least 2 hours of interaction every day. The "quality" in the interaction process is more important than the "quantity". Parents should rely on their physical strength, Time, purpose, etc., to make arrangements for the interactive way. If you are tired from work, you can do simple and gentle exercises with your baby, and then switch to more dynamic activities when you have sufficient mental and physical strength.


It is especially important for parents to pay attention to the child’s role to accompany the child during play with the baby, so that the child can treat the adult as his companion. Especially for the only child, they can learn how to be with groups and peers at the same time. get along. Do more "accompaniment" instead of purely accompanying.


Before engaging in parent-child interaction with Indoor playground equipment, parents are advised to learn some necessary knowledge and methods to make the activity more effective, including "language, visual development, muscle development of large and small muscles, and the development process of various ages, etc., design Before the parent-child interaction model, you should consider and learn relevant knowledge before applying it to the entire process. In addition, it should be necessary to design interactive methods for children's different characteristics, ages, and abilities, and whether they can arouse his interest. Elements of measurement.


The design of Indoor playground equipment is also based on the knowledge or skills that will be learned and used in the future, but attention should be paid to the difficulty, age-appropriateness, and practicality of the entire Indoor playground equipment. For example, children under the age of 3 do not understand the content of picture books, but moms and dads can use the pictures and games in the book to further develop their eyesight and color discrimination. When the child has reached the goal at this stage, the parent can moderate the difficulty of the game so that his ability can move forward.


"Adding creative elements at the right time" is a very important part of the parent-child Indoor playground equipment. In the process of play, when children perform unexpected behaviors, you may wish to encourage them to develop creativity and potential, add new creative ways, create new ways of playing with them, or make the way of play more perfect, etc. Don’t limit Space for children's creativity and imagination.

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