What are the design concepts of indoor playground structure equipment


In the indoor playground structure equipment area of ​​parks and scenic spots, terrain is also one of the important elements in the design of the entire site. It is part of the skeleton of the entire park space structure and determines the basic shape of the space structure.

According to the original topographical status quo, we should adapt measures to local conditions and make the best use of the situation to meet the functional requirements of the site. When designing the indoor playground structure equipment site landscape, it is necessary to make full use of the existing topography and landforms to design the site, use the existing landscape resources in the site, and make a reasonable layout in combination with children's physical activity and exercise needs. In the preparation of amusement equipment, attention should be paid to the relationship of comprehensiveness, feasibility, challenge, safety, and practicality, respect the original terrain, and combine the original terrain and its structure to create a novel indoor playground structure equipment project.


The design of the activity venue in the park needs to make full use of the existing ups and downs, so that children can slide and chase. Therefore, in the design, it is possible to use and strengthen the existing terrain with elevation changes, or artificially caused undulating and changing terrain, and set up a sinking or raised play field, which is easy to form a relatively independent, safe and quiet children's play space. If there are abrupt changes in the slope, consider designing the slide using the terrain. The level ground can be used for sports fields, so that children can play and chase each other on it. In order to facilitate ground drainage, the site that is too flat can be treated into gently undulating slopes and hills, which is more in line with natural beauty.


Add protective ground to the terrain changes, and lay the ground with plastic to ensure the safety of children. Designed climbing area for young children. When children use it, their awareness of danger and their ability to avoid danger are weak, and they need adult care at any time. Therefore, a place for children's guardians to rest and talk should be set up on the edge of the children's activity area.

Some cultural things can also be added to the indoor playground structure equipment, such as using explanatory signs to indicate the types of amusement equipment, or setting up some sculptures of characters and animals, and adding wind vanes and other popular science amusement facilities, which can stimulate Children's interest in scientific knowledge.


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