What are the maintenance measures for Indoor playground equipment


What are the differences between the maintenance of large outdoor amusement equipment and Indoor playground equipment? First of all, the materials used in outdoor projects and indoor playground equipment are different. Equipment placed outdoors should withstand long-term wind and sun exposure. Therefore, the materials used must be very durable. If you can't get it in the sun for a long time, it will fade quickly.


As indoor playground equipment, because it does not have these problems, the materials selected are more based on its beauty, mostly some fine photo decorative patterns, and are durable and will not fade. Secondly, if the large outdoor amusement equipment encounters rainy and windy weather, how to protect the equipment? The operation should be stopped to avoid danger, not to take chances, and to avoid corrosion of machinery during operation.


The daily maintenance of Indoor playground equipment can be divided into five main aspects:


1. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the paint surface frequently during daily maintenance, and do not let the indoor playground equipment come into contact with acid, alkaline chemicals and oils.


2. White burn marks are accidentally left on the paint surface of indoor playground equipment, generally just wipe it with a cloth moistened with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or tea. If you can't handle it, it's best to repaint the surface again.


3. The water stains can be covered with a damp cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron, and the marks can be faded.


4. Scratches If the paint surface of some indoor playground equipment is scratched and does not touch the wood under the paint, use crayons or paints of the same color as the indoor playground equipment to smear on the wound surface of the children's playground equipment to cover the exposed background color, and then use a transparent Apply a thin layer of nail polish.


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