What are the precautions for indoor playground for kids


1. Before entering the indoor playground for kids, read the game instructions carefully, and choose according to the age and height of the children. Do not let children play those amusement projects that are not suitable for their height and physique. The recreational facilities are restricted by height rather than age, and do not choose inappropriate amusement equipment for children.


2. In the process of playing, parents should always be by the children's side. Before children play with the equipment, they should carefully check the hygiene and safety of the equipment.


3. Because there are a lot of people in the venue and the age difference is also very big, it is best to let your children avoid it if there are relatively older children playing next to them. Injure the surrounding children and avoid disputes between parents.


4. When playing the slide game room in the playground, when teaching children not to climb up from the entrance of the slide, they should leave the entrance of the slide quickly after sliding down, so as to prevent the children sliding down from colliding and causing injury.


5. When playing bumper car games, children should fasten their seat belts, and they should not do too violent collisions when playing, especially frontal collisions. Don't patronize yourself for fun, but also consider the child's ability to bear.


6. When playing the carousel rides, it is necessary to prevent children who are too young from falling, and do not take it lightly because of the slow speed of the carousel.


7. Put a parent contact card on the child. Write the name, home address, and contact number of the baby and the parent on the contact card, and put it in the baby's clothes pocket. Or bring a smart watch to the child to locate the baby at any time.


8. Try to wear simple clothes for children in the indoor playground for kids. For example, wearing clothes with hats, or long skirts, large skirts, and gauze skirts will increase the risk index. If you are stepped on, grabbed and fall by a child, or your clothes are scratched and fall when you get on and off the Indoor playground equipment.


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