What is FEC (Family Entertainment Center)


Customized FEC (Family Entertainment Center) in new or existing free standing buildings or as parts of larger master plans. For example – a large entertainment complex, with all the services traditionally provided by a restaurant, can be integrated into a new, new concept. It will provide a unique opportunity to introduce new concepts to the public (in any form) at affordable rates. 

FEC (Family Entertainment Center) strives to maximize family fun and provide new and diverse activities for everyone to enjoy.  We strive to keep all the fun at family gatherings and encourage our visitors to participate in community involvement, too - from volunteering to volunteering time at the events themselves.  We do this to create a variety of activities - we don't want to create one boring family day, as is the case with many other events.  Whether you are new to the business and interested in what we have to offer, new to the family gathering experience, or a seasoned volunteer and want to continue your engagement with FEC, we invite you!

FEC (Family Entertainment Center) customers are kids, but the decision to bring the kids in is made by the parents.  This is the first time the FEC (Family Entertainment Center)  had children's programming, and the family vibe is something that resonates with me more than it ever has.  As a parent this is part of my identity, and this is a great way to get people to come in, as well.So what can you expect, beyond the arcade, which is a big deal?  It will be a family type of venue, with games, merchandise, autographs and giveaways, and maybe even some DJ's, on the weekends.  There will be a variety of people attending to do a variety of activities and activities for the kids, with some games and activities planned.In addition to some of the events planned, we'll be hosting a "Summer Fun Fair" on the weekend just after the arcade closes.


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