What is Water inflatable amusement equipment


There are many water inflatable amusement equipment, such as: water bumper boats, water walking balls, inflatable boats, inflatable boats, etc. Our company is committed to the construction of children's entertainment facilities, not only a variety of water entertainment equipment, but also land inflatable amusement equipment, welcome to buy. Our company's classic water entertainment equipment is the water bumper boat.

It is like a bumper car on the water. It is full of novelty and excitement when it comes to entertainment, and can bring huge benefits to the company that runs the entertainment project. The hull is made of anti-collision tires and glass fiber reinforced plastic, which can resist aging, anti-corrosion and long service life. The water bumper boats are divided into electric bumper boats and motorized bumper boats. The electric bumper boats adopt advanced electric system with sufficient power and can be used continuously for 8 hours. Laser bumper boat is an integrated circuit system for steering wheel functions, cartoon appearance, interesting, convenient and durable.


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