What is the appropriate size for commercial trampoline park equipment


Trampoline is a very exciting sport. It is attractive enough for young people. Now there are many investors who invest in commercial trampoline park equipment. Everyone sees this one-time investment project that is stable and profitable in the later stage. Then When investing in this project, everyone needs to understand how to plan for this size. For example, what is the appropriate size of the commercial trampoline park equipment and how big is it to meet the safety requirements. Now let’s take a look and see. See the specific arrangement of the indoor park.


What are the floor height requirements for commercial trampoline park equipment?

If you want to know the size of commercial trampoline park equipment, first of all, what are the requirements for this floor height? Generally, a professional trampoline project needs to have a floor height of 8 meters. If there is no height of 8 meters, you can’t manage this. project. The height of professional athletes is 8 meters, so the indoor trampoline must be 8 meters high. Generally speaking, abandoned workshops are more suitable, or a dedicated site built by yourself is more suitable.


What is the density of commercial trampoline park equipment?

The density of the equipment is also very important. A 1500 square meter amusement park must have a certain density of equipment in it. The density reaches 60% to 80%, which means that the utilization rate is very high. Then the density of this trampoline can be larger, and the size requirements should be considered in accordance with this density and specific area.


How to plan the size of commercial trampoline park equipment

How to plan the size of the indoor trampoline? What we have to consider is the density of the equipment and the professional requirements of the equipment. For example, a professional trampoline area needs to have a specification of about 5 meters. If there is no such specification, it must be No way. We must follow the most basic safety dimensions.


The size of commercial trampoline park equipment is actually to ensure the fullness of the amusement park and to ensure the safety of visitors, so everything must be done in a size that meets the regulations and requirements.


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