What is the cost of indoor trampoline park equipment


For investors, A good investment project must not only have the characteristics of low investment cost and fast return on capital, but also need to maintain continuous profitability. In terms of these two points, indoor trampoline park equipment can be said to be the best investment project.


Indoor trampoline park equipment cost budget analysis


1. Rental of indoor trampoline park equipment

The site area of ​​a trampoline park is determined according to the consumer groups in the local market. The proportion of rent is much higher than other expenses. In addition, the trampoline park requires a house with a floor height of at least 5 meters or more due to strict requirements on floor height. , In general, the venue rent is determined by the location of the trampoline park, and it varies according to the development of each city.


2. The decoration cost of indoor trampoline park equipment


The decoration of the trampoline park has a high-end foreign style, but also a trendy motorcycle style, as well as a small and fresh style, and more ordinary simple clothes. Therefore, the decoration of the trampoline park needs to be budgeted according to the investor's budget and the internal structure of the venue. Having a distinctive decoration theme style can effectively deepen the impression of the trampoline park in the minds of consumers


3. The cost of indoor trampoline park equipment

The most important thing in the trampoline park is the trampoline amusement equipment. Not only the brackets, trampolines, soft bags, fences, etc. needed for trampolines, but also fun and interesting special items, such as the Internet celebrity sticky music, the hot extreme cool running of Douyin, Fancy big dunks, etc. A reasonable set of trampoline equipment can enhance the stickiness of consumers for the park and improve the experience of consumers. The equipment inside the trampoline park venues not only refers to amusement facilities, but also other hardware facilities including air conditioners, fans, bar counters, tables and chairs in the rest area, lockers, and gate facilities.


4. Salary of employees at indoor trampoline park

According to the actual structure of the trampoline park, the staff can calculate the salary according to the distribution of different areas in charge, or can fix the salary according to the month.


5. Operation management of indoor trampoline park

The operation and management of the trampoline park includes property management fees, normal expenses in the store such as water, electricity, food, fruits and vegetables, as well as network and market operations.


The above is the budget of indoor trampoline park equipment cost, I hope it will help you.


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