What trampoline park equipment manufacturers tell you about trampoline park equipment


Knowing the history of so many trampoline sports, let's take you to understand the common entertainment features in trampoline park equipment.


Trampoline park equipment is mainly divided into: free bounce area, sponge pool, slam dunk area, dodge ball area, professional trampoline and other areas.


1. Free bounce zone trampoline park equipment

In the free bounce zone, we can sculpt, lose weight, and relieve stress. According to expert research, five minutes of exercise on a trampoline is equivalent to the calorie consumption of 30 minutes of fast running on a treadmill. Therefore, for many friends who need to sculpt, lose weight, and people who are in a sub-health state for a long time, trampoline is very important for them. Good choice. Long-term trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, increase and improve fat oxidation, and prevent and reduce obesity symptoms.


2. Sponge pool diving area trampoline park equipment

Jumping up, flipping in the air, and falling into the sponge pool is a cool way of performance for trampoline masters. Let you fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling into the sponge pool.


3. Trampoline slam dunk area trampoline park equipment

Envious of the players' big slam dunks in basketball games, eager to become a slam dunk master! In the trampoline slam dunk zone, use the rebound force of the trampoline to jump and jump into the basket, making you an instant slam dunk!


4. Dodge ball zone trampoline park equipment

The perfect combination of the popular dodge ball and the rebounding force of the trampoline is a form of trampoline that combines fun, cooperation and competition.


5. Professional trampoline park equipment

It has stronger elastic performance than ordinary trampoline. Professionals such as trampoline coaches can complete more cool actions and difficult performances. There is a high platform on the side, which can cooperate with the high platform and wall to do wall-walking action performances to release pressure , Let yourself fly and experience the feeling of flying.


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