What unique adventure park equipment does adventure park for kids have


Building adventure park for kids requires a certain amount of space, but in many cases, the size of the flat site is limited. Therefore, adventure park for kids makes use of the limited space as much as possible. Within the allowable range of floor height, extend two or three floors upward to increase the adventure. The fun and playability of park for kids.


The adventure park for kids takes full advantage of the height of the floor and adopts a multi-layer structure design. The adventure park for kids theme park is built into a mysterious and unknown space, allowing children to explore with curiosity, and the constant surprises greatly arouse the enthusiasm of children to play. So, what are the more distinctive adventure park equipment?


Transparent platform

The transparent platform of adventure park for kids is somewhat similar to the glass plank road, which is both thrilling and exciting. When children walk on a transparent platform more than one meter above the ground, the sense of thrill and excitement brought by the high-altitude walking greatly increases the fun and challenge of the platform, and can fully satisfy the children's spirit of adventure and adventure . For children, it can be quite a challenge to successfully pass.


The roll over obstacles

The adventure park equipment is set in the middle of the platform, and its gameplay is somewhat similar to climbing an escalator, but the difficulty is much higher than that of climbing an escalator. The soft-packed cylinder blocks in front of the children. Only when the children successfully cross it can they continue their adventure and experience more fun and interesting adventure park equipment.


Webbing Climbing Tube

The webbing climbing tube is a bit similar to drilling a hole, a bit similar to a mesh cage, and a bit similar to a grid bridge, which can be said to be the product of the ingenious combination of these three. This adventure park equipment seems simple, but the experience is not as simple as you imagined. It not only tests the coordination of the child's body, but also tests the children's perseverance and endurance.


In addition to the above, the adventure park equipment of adventure park for kids also includes roller drilling holes, boxing bags, rainbow ladders, gazebos, U-shaped swings, grid climbing, ocean ball pools, gun battle castles and more. Adventure park for kids can freely choose and match according to their actual situation on the premise of taking into account the fun and safety of the game.


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