RFID Inflatable Adventure Park by Cheer Amusement

Posted on 2020-01-28
Come on! This RFID sport inflatable is waiting for your challenge.
This inflatable adventure park manufactured by Cheer Amusement will bring you into an incredible sport world. It is creatively incorporated with many sport elements and an advanced RFID scoring system which greatly improves the fun and thrill of the game. The RFID system motivates the players to perform better and also increases the operational efficiency of each game. Various play modes can be enjoyed, such as the Rugged Warrior Challenge, Sweeper, Basketball Area, Battle Zone, Gladiator Joust, Sky Slide, Climbing Challenge, Race to The Top, etc.


Everyone will unleash their fiery spirits when they are are placed into this wonderful inflatable world. Instead of traditional sport devices, this wonderland, using environmental and soft PVC material, provides kids with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the safety and happy moments.
As the leading designer and manufacturer in the inflatable industry, Cheer Amusement has achieved an excellent reputation globally. All our inflatable/airtight units comply to and exceed all the criteria for material, manufacture, and design and the standards for ASTM, EN 14960: 2013 (Certificate No. BCTC-14079069). Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!