amusement park equipment from China purchase notice


  To provide safe amusement services for tourists, the most important thing to purchase amusement park equipment from China is to purchase amusement equipment produced by units with business licenses, which have a certain degree of safety.


quality amusement park equipment from China


  First of all, amusement park equipment from China checks the business license to see if it is authentic, whether it is stamped by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and whether there is an annual inspection. Generally, the annual inspection date is one year later. Second, check the registered capital on the business license, and a certificate of registered capital The strength of the factory, whether it is registered as a company or a factory, whether there is a formal office space, whether there is a production workshop with a certain area, and the number of workers are all factors to measure the strength of a factory, so you must buy amusement park equipment from China products. Formal enterprises, don't trust small personal workshops.

  The amusement park equipment from China factory reminds consumers to be careful not to take children on dangerous amusement facilities; when riding, they must obey the arrangements of the management personnel, consciously fasten safety belts and other safety protection devices, and cooperate with safety protection measures; Do not panic if there is a problem after the amusement facility is turned on, and follow the instructions of the staff to avoid unnecessary injuries;

  amusement park equipment from China The supplier reminds that if an amusement facility without a license or safety inspection is found, it should be reported in time, so that the relevant departments can investigate and deal with it, and ensure the consumption safety of other consumers; if a safety accident occurs in the business place, it should be kept. On-site evidence for future complaints.

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