amusement park equipment manufacturers reminder purchase notice


  Amusement park equipment manufacturers remind to provide tourists with safe amusement services, the most important thing is to choose amusement equipment produced by units with business licenses, which has a certain degree of safety.

customized Amusement park equipment Wholesale Price

  Amusement park equipment manufacturers suggest that first, check the business license to see if it is authentic, whether there is a stamp from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and whether there is an annual inspection. Generally, the annual inspection date is one year later. Secondly, check the registered capital on the business license, and the registered capital certificate The strength of the factory, whether it is registered as a company or a factory, whether there is a formal office space, whether there is a production workshop with a certain area, and the number of workers are all factors to measure the strength of an amusement park equipment manufacturer, so when buying amusement equipment products, you must go to Formal enterprises, don't trust small personal workshops.

  Amusement park equipment manufacturers believe that amusement equipment refers to equipment that can provide entertainment and play. Amusement equipment is a new item carefully designed for the naughty characteristics of young children. Its novel concept, chic overall shape and scientific and technological content integrate jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling, shaking and other multi-functional comprehensive amusement facilities.

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