Wholesale inflatable zipline daily maintenance how to do


  Inflatable equipment such as Wholesale inflatable zipline will not only bring profits, but also encounter more or less problems in the operation process. As long as you pay attention to the following daily maintenance attempts, you will be more comfortable in the operation process. If the inflatable zipline is scratched, it should be sewn with needle and thread when the notch is longer than 5cm, and then cut into a suitable size with the corner material provided by the manufacturer for pasting. Paste it. If the seam of the inflatable zipline is opened, you can use needle and thread to sew the opening evenly, or disassemble it from the bottom of the air cushion and sew it. You can fix the opening firmly by sticking it, and at the same time, consider the appearance.

inflatable zipline

  If the Wholesale inflatable zipline is degummed, some parts that are easy to wear will be degummed after being used for a long time. You can directly use leftovers to cut into different shapes and paste them at the degummed area. If air leakage is found, due to long-term use, the needle and thread seams in some parts are enlarged, and air leakage may occur. Consider sticking sticky strips to the seams to avoid air leakage. If the inflatable toy is too old, it should be considered Scrap it to prevent problems in the course of business.

  Wholesale inflatable zipline If there is a problem that the operator cannot handle by himself, you should contact the manufacturer in time to deal with it. When purchasing inflatable products, you should try to choose a regular Wholesale inflatable zipline manufacturer, and the after-sales service is guaranteed.

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