Maintenance attention of indoor trampoline park equipment in china


Trampoline is a new type of indoor activity. It is a kind of sports equipment and also an aerobic exercise. Through years of development, it has formed an indoor trampoline theme park with trampoline as the main body and multiple derivative projects. Through jumping up and down Stretching the joints to promote the absorption of calcium in the joints can increase the height of children, and it can also enable adults to lose weight and exercise their body. It is loved by adults and children. Therefore, a large number of trampoline parks are spread throughout the market, so indoor trampoline park equipment in china is in daily life. What are the maintenance items in use?

indoor trampoline park equipment in china

Indoor trampoline park equipment in china maintenance: 15 days is a cycle to check whether the main bracket is deformed, whether the supporting screws supporting the main bracket in each area are loose, and fix it immediately if it is loose; check whether there are scratches on the trampoline surface and whether there are any guests Whether there is any extra rubbish on the sharp substances that come down, if there are scratches, you should pay more attention to whether there will be intensified conditions in the future. If there are any, get in touch with the manufacturer in time, buy a new trampoline surface to replace, and clean the trampoline surface regularly , the treatment method can be wiped with a vacuum cleaner or a wet towel and then dried. If it is dirty for a long time, you can directly lay items on the bottom and wash it on the top; spring inspection (300,000 times of use): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; In the static state of the spring, the spring can continue to be used without stretching. If it is stretched, it means that the service life has expired and needs to be replaced. (If there is a shift, open the zipper and rearrange it neatly), whether there is any movement or misalignment between the soft bag and the Velcro seam (if there is movement or misalignment, re-paste and align, and pull it neatly); between the wall and the equipment: check whether there is any The wall material is peeling off.

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