quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center) generally need to consider what aspects of the budget


With the development of the quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center) industry getting better and better, people's consumption level improves, and parents pay more attention to the comprehensive cultivation of children's intelligence and physical fitness, the future of this industry is unlimited. Therefore, many investors are very interested in this industry, and want to know how much budget is needed to invest in quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center), let’s talk about it today.

quality FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

1. Venue rent

The rent of sites in different regions will be very different, and the rent of the site will be affected by the market. For example, the rent of first-tier cities will be higher than that of third-tier cities; the rent of shopping centers, schools, and communities with large traffic will also be higher. The rent is also different. Therefore, the venue rent needs to be calculated according to the actual situation. Of course, if the investor owns the site, then the rent can be saved, and the investment cost will be greatly reduced.

2. Equipment cost

The equipment used in FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is also different in size, in addition to amusement equipment and electronic equipment. The main investment cost of the children's playground is based on the selection of equipment funds. The quotations of different amusement equipment are also very different. For the same area, different equipment will have different plans. Different quotations for the same equipment material, workmanship and other input costs are also different. When choosing equipment, we must first look at the quality, and then choose the equipment according to the size of the venue equipment, the applicable age range and the local consumption level. The more expensive the equipment, the better, and safety is paramount, so don't be sloppy when choosing equipment.

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