Basic literacy that FEC (Family Entertainment Center) staff should possess


1. Treat people with sincerity and enthusiasm

In FEC (Family Entertainment Center), sometimes children may experience unexplained vomiting and diarrhea. At such times, parents are undoubtedly the most at a loss and need help the most. If the staff can extend a helping hand in time to help parents take care of their children and clean up the dirt, it will undoubtedly give the parents a feeling of helping them in a timely manner and leave a good impression on them.

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

2. Good at handling various disputes

In FEC (Family Entertainment Center), conflicts will arise between children and children, between children and parents, between parents and parents, and between parents and staff. If the staff handles it properly, they will naturally be able to turn major issues into minor ones. Once it is not handled properly, it can only play a role in fanning the flames and leading to intensification of conflicts. Once the conflict intensifies, it will not only lead to a large loss of customers, affect the normal operation of FEC (Family Entertainment Center), but also damage the image of the store.

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