How FEC (Family Entertainment Center) operates


FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is a comprehensive FEC (Family Entertainment Center), where children can run, jump, slide, climb, climb, gain various experiences, make good friends, and learn to communicate with others how to get along. How does such a good FEC (Family Entertainment Center) children operate?

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

We often say that the plan of a day lies in the morning, so the time in the morning cannot be ignored, especially from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Children go to bed early and get up early, so they wake up with more energy. Many parents will take their children out to play. It is recommended to do some parent-child activities during this time period to attract more parents and children to the store.

7:00 to 10:00 after dinner is also a good time for FEC (Family Entertainment Center) to operate. Parents take their children out for a walk after dinner. It is suggested that FEC (Family Entertainment Center) merchants can organize some small games to attract parents and children to play in the park, so that In addition to parent-child interaction, you can also get a good after-dinner exercise.

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