FEC (Family Entertainment Center) should consider whether the selection of equipment is strict


FEC (Family Entertainment Center) safety accidents usually appear in the details, such as insufficient equipment maintenance, improper maintenance, etc. In order to save trouble, many enterprises have problems that some equipment failures did not see, which directly lead to accidents.

There are also security measures that are not in place, and businessmen don't know how to take security protection measures, especially those who have just worked in the entertainment equipment industry. Therefore, when operating, we must clearly ask the manufacturer. The accident rate is also relatively high, that is, the safety awareness of parents is relatively weak, some items are more dangerous, try to play with the children as much as possible, and it is recommended not to let the children play if it is too exciting.

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

In order to avoid a certain impact on their own psychology, enterprises should set up a safety reminder so that tourists can always be aware of the importance of safety, and directly kill hidden dangers in the cradle from the details. It's only when we're all playing that we feel more at ease.

A manufacturer has no production qualifications, and the products produced are three-no children's playground equipment. There is no guarantee, and consumers who have no problems don't know who to turn to.

With the development of FEC (Family Entertainment Center), there are more and more manufacturers, and the products produced are also different.

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