What matters should not be ignored in FEC (Family Entertainment Center) investment


First, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) locates the target group

If you want to open a FEC (Family Entertainment Center), the first thing to do is to accurately locate the target group, because only by knowing the specific needs of consumers can you build a better park and the various functions of the park can satisfy consumers During the entire design process, there must be a focus that can meet the entertainment needs of different age groups. When positioning the target group, it is necessary to consider whether the target customer is a child or a teenager, so this piece of content must be plan in.

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

Second, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) determines the size of the children's playground

In fact, this point is very easy to understand. The scale of FEC (Family Entertainment Center) should have a lot to do with the local consumption level and the location of the venue. Simply put, the area of its children's playground should be able to satisfy people's play needs, and try to make good use of every corner, so that resources can be fully utilized, which can not only save money, but also make the entire design more reasonable.

Third, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) determines the location of the children's playground

The choice of location is the most important thing. The first thing to determine before opening a FEC (Family Entertainment Center) store is the location, because it directly involves the number of people in the later stage and the direction of the overall business. If there is a deviation in the location selection, then You will encounter greater operational difficulties, and the market conditions are completely different in different locations, so you should fully consider this issue.

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