How to do a good job in FEC (Family Entertainment Center) planning


Children's understanding of safety is limited. After all, in their minds, as long as it is fun, other things are not worth mentioning. Because of this, we can't ignore it. Operators can't just because of children's safety. lack of knowledge, and ignore the existence of this problem. Therefore, in the indoor FEC (Family Entertainment Center) planning, putting safety issues first is the key to your successful operation. At the same time, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) is also particular about the selection of this issue. It should try to stay away from the driveway and places with complicated surrounding environments, and the FEC (Family Entertainment Center) should not be allowed to communicate with the outside world and become a blind spot for monitoring. In addition, attention should also be paid to the safety of the amusement equipment and the safety of the detailed planning of the site. There must be no hard objects, sharp edges, or holes that may jam children's heads and fingers on the amusement equipment, so as to avoid children's activities. Accidental injury occurred.

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

When planning an indoor FEC (Family Entertainment Center), operators also need to plan according to the diversity of children's activities. Every child has the characteristics of exploring new things, being full of curiosity, and having a strong thirst for knowledge about unknown things. According to these characteristics, interactive areas can be divided into a playground that integrates education with fun. You can make full use of the site's own resources for planning, such as adventure areas, knowledge areas, and play areas, so as to adapt to local conditions and try to create a site plan that meets the characteristics of children.

Also pay attention to the height and scale of children's sight, so that the content of the design can be easily seen by them, which will arouse interest in places and things. One of the characteristics of children is that they are constantly developing. The behaviors developed include cognitive development, language development, emotional development, hobby development, group development, moral development, character development, etc. The diversity of children's behavior development makes the mechanism of children's growth environment become Complex, diverse, changeable. From passive to active, from imitation to invention, they all promote meaning to children's practice in the place of expression.

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