Management method of FEC (Family Entertainment Center)


With the fast pace of modern life, parents are paying more and more attention to the time and ways of spending time with their children, and parent-child entertainment has gradually become the choice of many families. FEC (Family Entertainment Center), as one of the parent-child entertainment venues, is becoming more and more popular among parents and children. How to manage FEC (Family Entertainment Center) well so that parents and children can spend a happy and healthy time here is a problem that needs to be considered. Let me share with you the management method of FEC (Family Entertainment Center).

FEC (Family Entertainment Center)

1. Safety first

When children play in FEC (Family Entertainment Center), safety is the most important thing. Park operators need to pay attention to issues such as food safety, electrical safety, toy safety, and regional safety to ensure that amusement equipment and facilities operate normally and no dangerous accidents will occur.

2. Planning science

The planning of FEC (Family Entertainment Center) needs to take into account the different needs of children and the setting of toys for children of different ages.

Set up different entertainment facilities according to the needs of children of different ages;

For man-made buildings in the game, the park management needs to consider Feng Shui, building area and cleaning maintenance;

On-demand evaluation such as the location, shape, height, area and safety factor of amusement facilities, etc.

3. Provide educational toys

The park can choose to arrange some educational toys, which are entertaining and educational, such as teaching colors and animals in English, which can not only improve children's knowledge, but also cultivate children's hobbies.

4. Increase the rest area

As a family leisure and entertainment place, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) needs to take into account the needs of parents. Add some rest areas and rest facilities so that children and parents can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing space at the same time.

5. Brand promotion

For the brand promotion of FEC (Family Entertainment Center), it can be promoted according to the use of different social platforms, and it can also be promoted in multiple media channels such as parent-child magazines and TV programs to increase brand awareness and influence and attract more family members. Come and visit.

6. Focus on service

In order to meet the needs of families, FEC (Family Entertainment Center) first considers children's activities and safety issues. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the services for tourists, such as providing drinking water, cleaning toilets, free Internet access and so on. Improving the quality of service can help the park establish a good image and attract more families to come and play.

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